Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company fault reporting and tracking android application

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dc.description.abstract The core aspect behind developing Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company Fault reporting and tracking android application was a result of inefficiency of the manual system that was used at the organization. The main aim was to develop a computerized system that will curb the problems currently encountered by using the existing manual system by integrating information systems process. The instruments which were used to come up with the system include MySQL database, notepad ++, android studio and xampp. Various feasibility studies were carried out to identify if it is worthy to build the new system. Feasibility studies has shown that the available hardware and software can be used with the new system without facing any challenges and also that the benefits of the new system outweigh its costs. Information gathering methodologies were used to identify how the old system works. These include interviews, questionnaires and observations. The system was designed by making much emphasis on the architectural, physical, database and logical design. The system was tested using various testing techniques which encompasses black box and white box testing. Validation and verification processes were carried out and proved that the system meets that expected standards. The system was finally installed using the direct conversion method. The system needs to be maintained for it to provide best results. The users of the system are recommended to stick to the basics learnt during the training, and should they face any problems, they should consult the system administrator. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Midlands State University en_US
dc.subject Fault reporting en_US
dc.subject Tracking android application en_US
dc.title Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company fault reporting and tracking android application en_US

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