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2009Regional-scale nickel sulfide prospectivity mapping of the Yilgarn Craton, Western AustraliaPorwal, A.; González-Álvarez, I.; Markwitz, V.; McCuaig, T.C.; Mamuse, Antony
2009Property rights and environmental conflicts in Africa: an exploration of the main issuesMatsa, Mark; Mutekwa, Timothy
200979 Cybermusic, copyright issues and the democratic ‘deficit’ in ZimbabweRwafa, Urther
2009The role of African christian discourse in redefining identity, literature and language education in Southern Africa: the case of the founding text of Paul Mwazha’s African Apostolic churchManyawu, Andrew T.
2009Recovering the tongue: memorializing grieved women through spirit possession and ritual in Zimbabwean literatureNgoshi, Hazel T.
2009Legitimising the Status Quo through the writing of Biography: Ngwabi Bhebe's Simon Vengayi Muzenda & the Struggle for and Liberation of ZimbabweMhiripiri, Nhamo A.
Abstract masculine.pdf.jpg2009When the masculine migrate from importance to impotence: the politics and erotics of political power in Liosa's the feast of the goat and Sembene's XalaNgoshi, Hazel T.
shona taboos.pdf.jpgSep-2009Shona taboos: the language of manufacturing fears for sustainable developmentChigidi, William L.
Effectiveness of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems in Enhancing Corporate Environmental Sustainability at Unilever Southeast Africa in Harare.pdf.jpg2009Effectiveness of ISO 14001 environmental management systems in enhancing corporate environmental sustainability at Unilever Southeast Africa in Harare, ZimbabweMarambanyika, Thomas; Mutekwa, Timothy
Chigora and Dewa.pdf.jpgMar-2009Surviving in a hostile environment: an analysis of Zimbabwe’s foreign relations in 21st century international relationsChigora, Percyslage; Dewa, Didmus