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2013Hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant for organic reactionsNyamunda, Benias C.; Chigondo, Fidelis; Moyo, Mambo; Guyo, Upenyu; Shumba, Munyaradzi; Nharingo, T.
2015Human health risks due to heavy metals through consumption of wild mushrooms from Macheke forest, Rail Block forest and Muganyi communal lands in ZimbabweNharingo, Tichaona; Ndumo, Tafungwa; Moyo, Mambo
Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies on the Biosorption of Cr.pdf.jpg2015Kinetics and equilibrium studies on the biosorption of Cr(VI) by vigna subterranean (L.) verdc hullNharingo, Tichaona; Moyo, Mambo; Mahamadi, Courtie
sensors-12-00923.pdf.jpg2012Recent advances in polymeric materials used as electron mediators and immobilizing matrices in developing enzyme electrodesMoyo, Mambo; Okonkwo, Jonathan O.; Agyei, Nana M.
Electrodeposition of zinc oxide nanoparticles on multiwalled carbon nanotube.pdf.jpg2017Electrodeposition of zinc oxide nanoparticles on multiwalled carbon nanotube-modified electrode for determination of caffeine in wastewater effluentMuzvidziwa, Takunda; Moyo, Mambo; Okonkow, Jonathan O.; Shumba, Munyaradzi; Nharingo, Tichaona; Guyo, Upenyu
novel hydrogen.pdf.jpg2013A novel hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on adsorption of horseradish peroxidase onto a nanobiomaterial composite modified glassy carbon electrode.Moyo, Mambo; Okonkwo, Jonathan; Agyei, Nana
Determination of antimony.pdf.jpg2014Determination of antimony in bottled water and polyethylene terephthalate bottles: a routine laboratory quality checkBrandao, Jose; Moyo, Mambo; Okonkwo, Jonathan
adsorptive.pdf.jpg2013Adsorptive removal of atrazine from aqueous solution using bambara groundnut hulls (Vigna Subterranean)Sebata, E.; Moyo, Mambo; Guyo, Upenyu; Ngano, N. P.; Chigondo, Fidelis; Chitsa, V.; Shumba, Munyaradzi; Nyamunda, Benias C.
Removal of nickel.pdf.jpg2016Removal of nickel(II) from aqueous solution by Vigna unguiculata (Cowpea) pods biomassGuyo, Upenyu; Sibanda, Kudakwashe; Sebata, Edith; Chigondo, Fidelis; Moyo, Mambo
Synthesis of Zeolites.pdf.jpg2011Synthesis of zeolites and their applications in heavy metals removal: a reviewShumba, Munyaradzi; Chigondo, Marko; Guyo, Upenyu; Chigondo, Fidelis; Moyo, Mambo; Nharingo, Tichaona; Sebata, Edith