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2014Anthropomorphic notion of atoms, the etiology of pedagogical and epistemological learning proactive interference among Chemistry learners: implicationsGudyanga, Ephias
2014Emerging issues on child abuse: voices of student teachersGudyanga, Ephias
2015Factors contributing to lower than expected recovery rates of HIV negative children on the therapeutic feeding programGudyanga, Ephias; Gudyanga, Nyashadzashe Sharon; Gudyanga, Anna; Tshalibe, Ropafadzo S.
2015Navigating Sexuality and HIV/AIDS: insights and foresights of Zimbabwean adolescentsGudyanga, Ephias; Moyo, Sarah; Gudyanga, Anna
2008Pupils’ perceptions of sexual abuse by teachers in ZimbabweShumba, Almon; Gwirayi, Pesanayi; Shumba, Jenny; Maphosa, Cosmas; Chireshe, Regis; Gudyanga, Ephias; Makura, Alfred H.
Attitudes Towards HIV.pdf.jpg2014Attitudes towards HIV/AIDS: the voices of Zimbabwean high school studentsGudyanga, Ephias; Mashini, Alfred; Gudyanga, Anna
Pedagogics of chemical bonding in Chemistry.pdf.jpg2014Pedagogics of chemical bonding in chemistry; perspectives and potential for progress: the case of Zimbabwe secondary educationGudyanga, Ephias; Madambi, Tawanda
Challenges Faced by Students with Hearing Impairment in Bulawayo Urban Regular Schools.pdf.jpgMay-2014Challenges faced by students with hearing impairment in Bulawayo urban regular schoolsGudyanga, Ephias; Wadesango, N.; Hove, Eliphanos; Gudyanga, Anna
A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF INSTITUTIONALISED AND NON INSTITUTIONALISED OPHARNED CHN.pdf.jpgJun-2015A comparative analysis of institutionalised and non orphaned children with reference to their wellbeingGudyanga, Ephias; Moyo, Sarah; Gudyanga, Anna; Susa, Richard
Gender.pdf.jpgDec-2013Gender-related differences and attitudinal determinants towards science teaching and learning: a quantitative analysisGudyanga, Ephias