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Title: Strategy implementation framework used by SMEs in Zimbabwe
Authors: Nyamwanza, Tonderai
Mavhiki, Severino
Keywords: Strategy implementation, implementation frameworks, SMEs, performance
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Midlands State University
Series/Report no.: Journal of Business & Management;Volume 3, Issue 2; p. 01-16
Abstract: The field of strategic management has been expanding to embrace new concepts and models with a view to better understanding the field. One area of strategic management which is gaining currency is strategy implementation. Many a scholar and practitioner is exploring ways in which strategy implementation can be enhanced for organisations to function effectively. Several approaches have been proffered including the development of implementation models and frameworks. This study seeks to enhance strategy implementation knowledge among SMEs in Zimbabwe by developing a new framework that seeks to shed light on how the SMEs implement strategy. The development of the framework seeks to explain why, despite government policies to support economic growth, SMEs in Zimbabwe have failed to drive economic growth yet evidence from literature has indicated the significant role played by SMEs in growing economies in other countries. In depth interviews were used to gather the data from multiple case studies. The major finding of this study was that the framework used by SMEs in Zimbabwe emphasized both self and family survival. There appears to be a significant focus on inward behaviour that focuses on relationships and family anchored business survival. This could be the underlying reasons for the somewhat underperformance of SMEs in delivering strong economic growth in Zimbabwe despite a plethora of state driven assistance programmes. There is therefore need to test the applicability of this model in a longitudinal study and make adaptations to make the current framework have a more business focussed approach.
ISSN: 2291-1995; E-ISSN 2291-2002
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