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Title: The impact of authoritative parenting style on children’s academic achievements in Domboshava Community. (ZIMCRODO Cluster).
Authors: Dewa, Themba
Keywords: Authoritative parenting
Academic achievement
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Midlands State University
Abstract: The impact of authoritative parenting style on children’s academic achievements in Domboshava community was the prime focus of this research. Descriptive research design was used in the collection of data. The research questions highlighted and addressed the challenges which are faced by students who live in an authoritarian family. Research questions also assessed the impact of authoritative parenting on children’s performance. From the interviews conducted it was seen that there are a number of factors which affect children’s academic achievement which include the availability of resources and the school environment but these are outweighed by the influence of parents. Many scholars acknowledge that child rearing practices have a direct bearing on the educational performance of children. There are a few scholars who focused on authoritative parenting and its impact on education.This research has tried to fill in this gap between Authoritative parenting style and its impact on academic achievements of learners at high school level. The researcher found out that authoritative parenting style has a positive impact on students, as it creates firm limits and high expectations set in collaboration with warmth, love, and nurturing. Open communication with the children is also one of its merits. The parents make sure the child understands the concepts of different things throughout life as they grow (Grant & Ray, 2010). Parents should adopt this parenting style to bring up and bring out the best in their children.
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