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Title: African culture and the social implications and consequences of globalization
Authors: Muzvidziwa, Victor N.
Keywords: International economic relations--Social aspects.
Globalization--Social aspects.
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Aldershot
Series/Report no.: Review of Human Factor Studies: Globalization and the human factor;Vol. 8, no. 1
Abstract: Globalization has unleashed a structural change process of profound complexity and magnitude. This process has and continues to have an influence on African culture. Globalization has produced a phenomenal global response, which engages African culture and traditions in a supportive and antagonistic way all at once. The tensions and conflicts inherent in the globalization process have implications for the development of African values, traditions and culture. This paper seeks to present a critical reflection of the consequences of globalization on African culture. The extent to which globalization enhances and undermines African culture is discussed in the paper. African renaissance is discussed as one of the techniques for dealing with globalization.
ISBN: 0754642925
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